Fine Arts

RequeFine Arts spans the spectrum of artistic genres that encourage students’ expression, appreciation and creativity. A walk through the halls of Immanuel is like a stroll through an art gallery as student work is on display throughout the school.

Every student is involved in the creative process, from simple line drawing in kindergarten to photographic composition in middle school.

Art_07Seventh and eighth grade students can choose from a selection of Fine Arts classes offered through Middle School Electives. Painting, photography, drawing, handchimes and other media encourage creativity and artistry in semester-long classes. Participation in the performance arts is a staple of the Immanuel curriculum. Drama classes are available to middle school students through Electives, but students at every grade level develop oral language, memorization, and performance skills in plays, readings, and enactments throughout the school year.


Elementary Art Classes

Art_04Art classes are designed to expose students to a variety of art mediums.  Drawing, weaving, painting, clay building, tapestries, printing, and mixed media are some of the artistic processes that are introduced.  Students learn about famous artists through the centuries and artists currently working around the world.  By exploring ways to express their creativity they are learning about the creativity of our own Creator.

Art_02The After School Art Club is a program designed to stimulate a child’s creativity and capacity to explore their own artistic originality in a small group setting.  Sessions are grouped by grades and available to students from k-8th grades focusing on drawing, painting, and 3D art building techniques.


Julius Caesar 10-11 023Our music program includes Basic music theory, choral performance, musical instruments, and note reading are all part of the Music program which includes a variety of musical genres but focuses on the worship of God through music.

After an introduction and review of musical notation and dynamics at the beginning of each school year, music classes practice their songs for the Christmas program. Every child in the lower school feels a sense of accomplishment as teachers, students, parents and grandparents enjoy the music of the season as presented by each class. Third grade classes also learn to play the recorder and perform as an ensemble for the concert. In the second semester, classes study composers, genres, and orchestral instruments, and grow in their love for music as they sing thoughtfully chosen secular and Christian selections.

Individual Instrumental Lessons

Orchestra 047In addition, Immanuel offers elective, fee-based individual instrumental lessons. These lessons are offered before, during and after school hours. Students can learn to play string, wind, brass, or percussion instruments, or take weekly piano or voice lessons.

Elementary Choir

Come make “A Joyful Noise unto the Lord.”

The ICS Children’s Choir is an after school choir program,  open to all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. The choir rehearses on Mondays from 1:30 – 2:30 in the IBC seminar room. Those registered are taken at dismissal from the classroom and directed to the rehearsal hall. Once there,  we focus on breath control, articulation, pitch, showmanship, and fun.  Through the show choir format we perform short musicals focusing on aspects of God’s teachings and how we as students at ICS are able to share the gospel and God’s love throughout our daily lives in school, at home, and in our neighborhoods.

Our performances are at Chapel on Friday mornings, where classmates and parents see the culmination of our learned skills.  There are no auditions and all are welcome.

Band & Orchestra

Orchestra B024As students become more accomplished musicians, they may become part of either the elementary or concert band and orchestra. Band and orchestra meets twice weekly before school, performs at the all school Christmas concert and presents a concert for the entire student body at the end of the school year.

Our beginning instrument classes introduce students to note-reading, instrument care, as well as proper posture and breathing technics unique to each instrument.  Learning as a group can be fun and motivating for beginners as they learn from each other and experience the fun of simple, familiar songs as a class.  Beginners can perform with advanced ensembles at the spring concert in May.

Students with experience on an instrument already will enjoy playing music for our Grandparents Day Christmas Concert and a Spring concert in May.  Classes learn music that will challenge them in new ways with new notes, rhythms and styles.  As students become more confident in their playing, they see how they can use music to glorify God and bring joy to their friends and family.

ICS Parents: Please click here to access the webform for band, orchestra or private music lessons.


Participation in the performance arts is a staple of the Immanuel curriculum. Drama classes are available to middle school students through Electives, but students at every grade level develop oral language, memorization, and performance skills in plays, readings, and enactments throughout the school year.

ICS Julius Caesar 2012 001Role playing enables children to understand and appreciate the thoughts, motivations, and actions of a character or historical figure. Dramatic interpretation of events brings students together to explore the meaning of those events and helps them identify with the thoughts and feelings of those involved. For example, third grade students perform the Moving West play that chronicles the westward expansion in America during the 19th century. In assuming the role of a Moving West character, the struggles, joys and hardships of the settlers become real and learning takes place.

Fifth grade curriculum integrates the study of ancient Rome with the reading and performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. By portraying the characters of opposing forces within the Roman Empire, students gain understanding of the limits of power and the historic role of autocratic government while enjoying the process of collaboration in putting on a play.

Formal drama class is offered once a year as a Middle School Elective. Students selected for Drama discuss the elements of dramatic presentation, try their hand at improvisation, and become actors in a play performed for students in Elementary Chapel.