Academics Overview

Excellent Academics at ICS

Parents like you are looking for more than a school. You’re looking for a true learning community — a place where your children can grow and develop into the individuals God designed them to be. This is why excellent academics are so important. You desire the very best opportunities for your students, and you want to know they are being mentored by Christian role models on a daily basis. Finding a school where Biblical principles are integrated throughout the whole curriculum is of utmost importance to mirror your family’s teachings at home.

Classroom 027At Immanuel Christian School (ICS), our teachers embody the mission of inspiring students for purposeful lives of learning, godliness, and service. From kindergarten – eighth grade, children are prepared with a combination of solid academics and Scriptural truth, developing the knowledge and character required to make an impact in today’s world.

Academic Program Highlights

A Comprehensive Curriculum
Our curriculum emphasizes the core subject areas of math, science, language arts, and social studies. God’s truth is woven into every lesson and activity, helping students develop a Biblical worldview. Elective courses, academic clubs, and activities allow each child to explore their unique gifts and talents while developing meaningful relationships with peers.

Instructional Innovation
Our experienced, caring teachers utilize a spectrum of proven learning resources combined with exciting, new technology tools. We recognize that no two children learn in the same way or at the same pace. With small class sizes, we can better understand each student’s learning style and help maximize their potential.

Real-World Education
Students who graduate from ICS are critical thinkers and problem solvers. We instill these valuable skills through hands-on activities. When students are given opportunities to connect their classwork with the real world, they are energized to problem solve and motivated to make a positive impact with their education.

Christian Focus
Apart from Biblical truth, the very best education cannot prepare one to succeed by God’s standards. At ICS, students learn how to embody Christian character and to think with the mind of Christ. Our community encourages the values of love, respect, camaraderie, and community service — all in the name of the Lord. Every subject has a faith component, emphasizing Christian principles across all areas of study.

Join the ICS Family
We invite you to learn more about our grade-by-grade curriculum or request more information about ICS now. Whether you have a kindergartener or a middle school student, we look forward to sharing more about the exciting opportunities available to your family.