Meet A Few Of Our Teachers

We are blessed to have dedicated, loving, gifted educators who are spiritually mature professionals in our classrooms. Every year, 100 percent of our faculty participates in professional development opportunities and ongoing evaluations to maintain the highest level of instructional techniques. With small classrooms enabling individualized attention, our teachers inspire our students to develop intellectually and grow spiritually.

What sets Immanuel Christian School apart is the faculty and staff. They provide the living curriculum for the students in and out of the classroom. Read some of the stories from our outstanding faculty and staff:

Robinson Pate Reyes
 Mr. Billy Robinson
8th Grade Teacher
 Mrs. Chris Pate
Math Teacher
Grades 6-8
Mrs. Laurie Reyes
Kindergarten Teacher
Duncan Brinson Smith
Mr. Jon Duncan
7th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Karen Brinson
Elementary & 6th Grade
Music Teacher
Miss Erin Smith
6th Grade Teacher
Crabtree Wallis Potter
 Mrs. Marty Crabtree
Enrichment Resource Coordinator
Mrs. Ronda Wallis
3rd Grade Teacher
 Mrs. Sandy Potter
2nd Grade Teacher
Alvarado_01 Davis_1  Smith_J
Mrs. Kate Alvarado
Middle School Science Teacher
Mr. Wayne Davis
Athletic Director
Boys’ PE Teacher
6th-8th Team Leader
Mrs. Judith Smith
Educational Resources